Last date for submission
September 12th 2016

extended till
September 30th 2016
December 16th till December 22nd 2016
All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, 1, Rafi Marg, New Delhi (India)

Terms & Conditions

  1. All entries must have been self-conceived and created by the artists submitting the artwork/s.
  2. All artwork/s must be for sale. Galerie Art Eterne will charge @25% sales commission on sold artwork/s during Confluence ’16 exhibition.
  3. Payment will be done to the artist within 30 days of the receipt of full and final payment from art buyer.
  4. The participation fee does not cover the transport of the artwork/s to and from Galerie Art Eterne. Artists (or their representatives) are responsible for shipping their artwork/s to Galerie Art Eterne in sturdy & reusable boxes/packing. Return shipping must be prepaid and enclosed with an artwork/s. Artwork/s should be suitably packed and delivered at Galerie Art Eterne’s address on or before the deadline date (which will be communicated after the selection process). Artwork/s will be available for pickup soon after the exhibition (in case if they are unsold). However, Galerie Art Eterne can help artist in identifying suitable courier agent and get the artwork/s dispatched after receiving negotiated amount from the artist. Galerie Art Eterne will not be responsible for any damage occurred during transportation.
  5. All selected artwork/s must be ready for exhibit. It had been the experience of the Galerie Art Eterne that in many of our past exhibitions, many artwork/s were received damaged due to mishandling by the courier agents. Outstation/International artists are suggested while sending their submissions, to send their artwork/s in a rolled form to save transit damages. The artwork/s will be stretched & framed by Galerie Art Eterne and a nominal charge of INR 400/- (or USD 8/-) per running foot of the canvas and INR 550/- (or USD 10/-) per running foot for paper artwork/s. This offer is optional and is being suggested to save transit damages and expensive courier charges.
  6. Galerie Art Eterne reserves the right to reject artwork/s that differs from submitted images/details.
  7. Decision of Galerie Art Eterne will be final in case of any dispute.
  8. The jury team reserves the right to determine the distribution of the award, including the number of winners and amount allocated as well as any non-monetary recognition.
  9. By completing the entry form, participants agree to accept the decision of the Jury without right of appeal. No participant shall have recourse to any Indian or International court of Law.
  10. These regulations are subject to amendment by the awarding authority.
  11. In no event Galerie Art Eterne shall be liable to Artist for any transit loss/damage of artwork/s. In no event shall Galerie Art Eterne is liable to the Artist for direct damages exceed an amount equal to the greater of the amount of participation fees paid by the Artist.
  12. When the artist/artist representative applies for entry to Confluence ’16, it is deemed that he/she has agreed to all the terms & conditions mentioned and is in full agreement for the same. All disputes are subject to New Delhi, India’s jurisdiction only and should be between Participating Artist & Galerie Art Eterne only.