About Us

Galerie Art Eterne is committed to the presentation, interpretation and propagation of Contemporary Art. Its programs explore a variety of issues that include exhibitions, art projects, talks, lectures, workshops and publications. It highlights contemporary art focussing masters and contemporary artists.

Believing strongly in its artists and their work, the Galerie strongly encourages them in the art market by participating in art summits and biennales, inviting critics and curators to review and publish the articles in art magazines and news papers. Keeping the originality and quality standards of art, we choose the artists carefully.

By assessing the level and professional skill of the artists, we allow them to explore and freely articulate new concepts that challenge the established boundaries of accepted norms.

Galerie Art Eterne has a growing contemporary collection of old masters as well as of emerging artists.

Galerie Art Eterne is working endlessly for the benefaction of the upcoming artists and are providing them an unparallel platform to display their art works on a regular basis.

Team Galerie Art Eterne

Sudhanshu Paliwal


A trend-setter and a visionary, he has always challenged the current ways to walk the future path. He is a storehouse of knowledge and a rich sounding board at Galerie Art Eterne who drives both thorough analysis and practical execution. Having spent years in analyzing IT companies, he is the crucial blend of commercials, creativity and consumer experience in structuring our marketing, advertising and International campaigns.With 23 years of professional experience, which make him a live-wire for Galerie Art Eterne and an ex-IT Professional, who headed various functions in leading IT MNC’s over 13 years, by developing a series of critically-acclaimed exhibitions & events, that provide buyers with a transparent, professional environment in which to transact.

Neetu Ambwani


A second-generation entrepreneur, Neetu strongly believes in going the extra mile to enhance the quality of work for personal satisfaction and customer joy at Galerie Art Eterne. A strong eye for perfection, ability to execute complex processes and manage people with uncanny ease makes her our right hand at Galerie Art Eterne.Her professional experiences and Management Degree from FORE School of Management, leave her best suited to put the puzzle together, as she works with Galerie Art Eterne’s brand partners, service vendors, team members and investors.

Niren Sen Gupta

(Advisor cum Jury Member of Confluence)

Born in January 1940 in Bengal, Prof. Niren Sengupta, initially graduated in Science from Calcutta University and then from Govt. College of Art & Crafts, Calcutta in 1965. Having participated in several artist camps and exhibitions and winner of many prestigious award internationally, he being member of Calcutta painters and Executive member of Academy of Visual Media, New Delhi. A professional painter and teacher, Niren Sengupta is Ex-Principal, College of Art, New Delhi. According to him, one’s capacity for creative pursuit can be sustained and nourished only by an expansion of horizons through wider learning, constant renewal and progression of thought, while being centered to one’s roots. He believes that his own spiritual journey is integrated with his work, and this perhaps is where salvation lies.

Gaurav Bharadwaj

Advisor cum Jury Member of Confluence

It may not be wrong to say that gaurav breathes life into photographs. He infuses feeling and emotion in a way that his still images speak and whisper to the observer all its deep held secrets. His portraits tell what thoughts hide behind the eyes; his landscapes invite viewers to lose themselves in their world; and his still-life come alive with mood and depth. His noted craftsmanship in creating artistic and elegant compositions perhaps has its roots in his 6 years of training at the Art College of Delhi where he earned his Master’s in graphic design. He followed it up with a career in advertising which gave him the opportunity to fine-tune his skills, working with some of the best advertising talents in the country. He was quick to make an impact. His campaigns and images picked up numerous prestigious national and international awards – The One Show, New York Festivals, Communications Arts Guild, Pioneer, A&M, and Teachers.