September 28th till October 4th 2012
Lalit Kala Akademi, Feroz Shah Road, New Delhi (India)

Selected Artists

  • Ajay Upasani (India)
  • Allison Horner (United States of America)
  • Amarendra Maharana (India)
  • Amit Kapoor (India)
  • Ana Zgonjanin (Serbia)
  • Anagha Pamidi (India)
  • Andrew Radkowsky (France)
  • Anil Soni (India)
  • Animesh Mahata (India)
  • Anindita Kishore (India)
  • Antonio Moyano (Spain)
  • Aradhna Tandon (India)
  • Arpita Chandra (India)
  • Arthur Berini's (Switzerland)
  • Ashish Bose (India)
  • Ashwini Athalye Natekar (India)
  • Chandan Das (India)
  • Chandrakanth Ganacharya (India)
  • Eleena Banik (India)
  • Geetha Venugopal (India)
  • H R Kumbhawat (India)
  • Harish Kumar (India)
  • Jasna Dragun (Croatia)
  • Jayashree Ramasamy (Malasia)
  • Jayshree Savani (India)
  • Jitendra V Patel (India)
  • Khushboo Upadhyay Soni (India)
  • L N Rana (India)
  • Lalatendu Rath (India)
  • Lopa Mudra (India)
  • Mahesh Patidar (India)
  • Manoj Jain (India)
  • Margareth Osju (Sweden)
  • Meenaketan Pattnaik (India)
  • Mukul Sarma (India)
  • Neha Talwar (India)
  • Niku Guleria (India)
  • Pandurang N Deoghare (India)
  • Parwati Jain (India)
  • Pilar Viviente (Spain)
  • Pradip Kumar Sau (India)
  • Prakash Haribhau Ghadge (India)
  • Prakshi Sharma (India)
  • Prittam Priyalochan (India)
  • Raghu Neware (India)
  • Sabyasachi Ghosh (India)
  • Sanghita Roy (India)
  • Sheetal Gulhati (India)
  • Shefali Shah (India)
  • Shiva Aini (Iran)
  • Shivani Bharadwaj (India)
  • Shuchi Khanna (India)
  • Shuchi Krishan (India)
  • Shyamal Sikdar (India)
  • Soumen Basu (India)
  • Souryeya Chakraborty (India)
  • Suhail H Naqshbandi (India)
  • Sukanta Biswas (India)
  • Surinder Kaur (India)
  • Sushma (India)
  • Swasti Ranjan Ray (India)
  • Tania Sen (United States of America)
  • Tarun Sehdev (India)
  • Umesh Prasad (India)
  • Vicky Luthra (India)
  • Vijay Kiyawat (India)
  • Y C Sharma (India)

Photo Gallery


We  are  extremely gratified  and  somewhat overwhelmed  with  the  encouraging  feedback  that  we  have received from artists from all around the World who have participated in our art competition and art exhibition, Confluence ‘12.

The following is a sampling of some of the positive thoughts and feedback that we have received about the Confluence ’12 from Artists:

My special thanks to Mr. Sudhanshu Paliwal, GALERIE ART ETERNE


Amarendra Moharana, Artist (India)

"To sumn a few marize iwords what Confluence '12 meant to me, it is: honour, joy, gratitude and great humility. Thanks to the show, I made a trip from Sweden to a country whose creativity pulses with the breath. My solo exhibition at Galerie Art Eterne not only gave me the honour to exhibit in India, but it also gave me the chance to meet some of the artists with their amazing work, those who participated in the project, Save our Tiger, I also took advantage to visit the numerous galleries that were in New Delhi. India has amazing talented artists."


Margareth Osju, Artist/Poet (Sweden)

I would like to thank Gallery Art Eterne for giving me the opportunity to participate in their Annual Art Show 'Confluence'. This group exhibition showed Art in various mediums and surface. The themes and subjects varied like figurative, abstracts, cubistic, cityscapes etc. Many sculptures were also displayed in various sizes and mediums. All kinds of spaces large and small were covered on canvas and paper etc. Art works carefully chosen by an eminent and veteran jury were displayed with great care.

My experience with this gallery has left me feeling satisfied and happy. From the beginning the participation process was simple and transparent. It left no unwanted doubts and ambiguity. The people at the gallery were warm and made me comfortable and welcome. They were appreciative and accommodating. The atmosphere at the gallery was not intimidating and gave positive vibes. Having visited some solo and group shows also spoke about the good quality of works and display. All in all an artist friendly and art charged ambiance.

The art works were taken care of diligently. I also felt happy as the payment was made promptly when my painting had got sold in this exhibition, speaking a lot about the good business ethics and values of this gallery.

I feel fortunate to be associated with Gallery Art Eterne and wish them all the very best in their future endeavours.


Shuchi Khanna, Contemporary Artist (India)

Thank you! Grazie (in Italian)! I just want to personally thank you for giving artists a way to promote and show their art to the Indian public. Maybe I should say hopefully others will do the kind of thing you have done to make it a better world. I feel you give all kinds of artists a voice through your juried exhibitions. It is a gift to give others confidence. It is kind, sweet, and yet very important work. It teaches artists that they won't always win.. but to keep trying, and eventually something good happens when we try.

Thank you! I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation towards the Special Recognition Award for my painting "Arrival of the Inlaws" in Confluence '12 Art Competition. I feel honoured to be amongst a group of very talented international artists featured on Confluence '12. This award has given me just the inspiration, challenge and courage to keep pushing the creative limit for my future artworks!

Best Regards


Andrew Radkowsky, Artist (France)

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