A Colourful Arena… in the midst of heat - II !!!

7th-March-2009 till 21st-March-2009

Galerie Art Eterne, F 228, Lado Sarai Village, New Delhi - 110 030 (India) (Next to Mother Dairy)

Galerie Art Eterne presents “A Colourful Arena… in the midst of heat - II”. Works done by Artist Devajyoti Ray. Devajyoti Ray’s work does not require any external help to view, a triumph of simplicity yet lucid in its presentation, the images wait to enter into a dialogue with the viewer. Though it appears simple, the depth of his understanding is visible in the vivid portrayal of his images springing out from the canvases in poetic fervour. The use of colors to bring out the subtlety of his work is outstanding. His experiences with different mediums and styles over a period of time, experimentations and maturity as a thinking artist enabled him to create his works in the style of pseudo realism, where he is at total ease to express to the viewer.... the captured nuances set in daily life evoking nostalgic memories. The composition of jugalbandi where the flautist and the accompanist attain a perfection that is cherished by the aesthete. The compassion of the couple for the goat, the contemplation of the young girl, so common to be identified with, the conversation of the two adults, the transcending of the mridangam player all bear testimony to these unique works combining simplicity with a vivid sensitivity and a visual treat for the viewer. Devajyoti’s pseudo realistic works is definitely a fresh infuse in the art scenario.


List of Participating Artists

Devajyoti Ray