Nature’s Manifestation!!!

18th-September-2009 till 3rd-October-2009

Galerie Art Eterne F 228, Lado Sarai Village, (Next to Mother Dairy), New Delhi - 110 030 (India)

Prittam Priyalochan fondly known by “Prittam Jr.” the boy from a remote village, Katikata, Jajpur, Orissa is the budding artist to bloom for tomorrow to keep up his family’s artistic environment and tradition of journey endless. Beginning with a very unconventional life since his early childhood he loves to equate his imagination with reality realising the social proximity the binding force of all human activities in search of sublime bliss in order to carry forward the unbloomed buds to fullness of life.

He was baptized with new creative impulses to have a very intensive as well us close look in to the complexities of hypocrisy modern social behavior and were reflected in his earlier works. Every person’s personality owes a lot to his childhood. His childhood memories fermenting vividly and early youth anecdotes guided him gradually to transcend him to a youth in quests and inquest of strange social behavior contrary to the nature and natural instincts that are responsible for radical social changes and he loves to spot them in his creative imaginations.

The famous “Donkey” concept of Santiniketan caught his imagination – the innocent being tortured, intimidated and facing humiliation by human being who proclaims his superiority above everything. The laughing stock “Donkey” became his theme to begin with. During this period he executed some fine drawings on animal and birds like donkey, dogs, monkey, pigs, cats, crows etc with their peculiar features and characteristics in his prints combined with various experiments.

Prittam’s drawings, sketches, prints and paintings speak in volumes of his unquenched thirst and eagerness to go for instincts, human, animal and other living species of the living world, as well as the nature and its elements – a journey in deed infinite and we shall endow him with the spirit and zeal to go ahead with maturity to achieve the sublimity of aesthetic approach in spontaneity.


List of Participating Artists

Prittam Priyalochan