Vividness... with winter breeze!!!

15th-November-2009 till 25th-November-2009

Galerie Art Eterne, F 228, Lado Sarai Village, (Next to Mother Dairy), New Delhi - 110 030 (India)

Anupam Roy says, “Many a times, a new form comes out from my heart which I realize, as this form is spread in every internal part of my body. I believe this comes from my soul as it is a mixture of my involvement with my country side life and my experience with own journey.

Bhawana Jain thinks “Wishes are endless which changes with time. Wishes being eternal with wide spread of desires like thirstiness. Chatak, a bird, which keeps waiting for the first drop of rain of Swati Nakshatra as this comes only once a year. As I understand that this leads to a birth of an offspring of the same. I show the similar devotion in my works.”

Dhananjay Kumar feels, Attraction can be looked in aesthetic sense for a woman, which shows in his work. There is no definitive feature which attracts, for some it may be smile, may be long hair and so on. It’s an aesthetic beauty which can be enjoyed and expressed in his works.

Pallavi Jha depicts crows in her works. As crow can adapt itself in changing environs. She studies the habit and habitat in which crows lives in and shows the same in her works.

Ravi Dewangan works are influenced with the animal & human relationship. Humans can’t change or influence their basic elements with which they want to live forever. His works are related with conceptual value of natural feelings with expressions.

Sandeep Kindo talks about invisible power which operates all of us. This can be in the form of Shepherd who treats sheep as his children and guides them for the well being of them.

Subrato Maji thinks “Medieval Era is believed to be the most glorious period in our life as it infuses in our life, since from that period. Hence, we can’t ignore the time during Medieval Era, like money plant, it is crawling gradually in our life”.

Sutapa Majumder’s subject is about Meditation and she expresses the same in her works.


List of Participating Artists

Anupam Roy
Bhawana Jain
Dhananjay Kumar
Pallavi Jha
Ravi Dewangan
Sandeep Kindo
Subrato Maji
Sutapa Majumder