My Oasis of Silence!!!

27th-February-2010 till 12th-March-2010

Galerie Art Eterne F 228, Lado Sarai Village, (Next to Mother Dairy), New Delhi - 110 030 (India)

P Shivani Bharadwaj’s acrylic & mixed media works reflect a serious modernist concern of using two dimensional spaces to create elements of depth and perspective that give one the feel of three dimensionality.

This she achieves by evolving oppositional elements and juxtaposing them to create a sense of the real; but as in all modernist painting, external reality is only a point of reference for an interplay of colour, texture and flow, giving her works the pulsating movement that brings them to life.

As a painter who draws inspiration from the masterly work of Shyamal Dutta Ray and Ganesh Haloi, she reflects the best this tradition has to offer in the context of our modern art. But it is to her credit that she is not influenced by them overwhelmingly but appears to be charting her own path with a sense of direction that will stand her in good stead in her future development as well.


List of Participating Artists

P Shivani Bharadwaj