Emotions of Myself!!!

6th-June-2010 till 21st-June-2010

Galerie Art Eterne, F 228, Old MB Road, Lado Sarai Village, (Next to Mother Dairy), New Delhi - 110 030 (India)

"My paintings are a hidden form of art, in a way ’abstract painting’ or so to say ’deformed art’. Like the basics in music - SA RE GA MA PA DA NI SA - needing follow-ups leading to perfection.

The canvas gets its shape by using layer of colours to the fulfillment of the artist. The theme of my paintings is EMOTION OF MYSELF.

I have tried to give shape to my emotions on the canvas. Visualizing is like weaving a dream, on a canvas, with some realistic, as per the perception of the artist, including colour and shape of water developing on human emotions into the painting in terms of friendship, followed by love and maturing in peace of mind. Inner pain or sorrow can not be experienced by the outsider, though can be gauged by the viewer to some extent. Effort has been made to transcribe on the canvas for the viewer to be somewhere near the stage of feeling."

(Chandan Das)


List of Participating Artists

Chandan Das