Confluence ’12

28th-September-2012 till 4th-October-2012

Lalit Kala Akademi, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi - 110 001 (India)

Confluence’12 acts as a catalyst for the recent development of the cultural landscape, and confirms the potential of India as an international art hub. In its debutant year 2012, the show focuses on the significance of exhibiting a variety of works in a pluralistic art world.

It was indeed a courageous experiment of Galerie Art Eterne to give an alternative platform to emerging as well as established artists in a global way. Galerie Art Eterne has tried to bring them together under Confluence’12.

The participating artists tried to express their mind and visions on various mediums they can relate to. It is a place where artists connect with each other and their viewers through creativity. Under Confluence most of the artists have unfolded their innermost thought, some work raises issues from society, some solves mysteries of life and suffering and others gives forms to non existing bodies. It is a confluence of lives, concept, perceptions, forms, emotions and ideas of creative minds.

An American artist finds everyday bliss in the life of Indians; her work has portrayed contented kids, decorated camel and a singer. For her India is not a tourist place rather it is to be felt and experience intimately. An artist portray an auto which is a necessity of middle class, another artist defines an artist as a phoenix, beyond elements, who flows through river in form of colors and he is a restless hermit searching for his existence. Some apply and reapply thick layers of colors so that they can bring out the essence and some follows old school in mould of their idea. One of them follows impasto style to give form to her independence. It is indeed an unusual platform where artist from Sweden thinks the way an Indian artist think and speak the identical in different dialect.

Such diversities and personal allocations are the accentuated part of this confluence. Here everyone follows expressions through their own grammar of visual art. A diversity of paintings, art objects, sculpture and photography give the visitor an exciting overview about modern creations, amplified through the possibility of personal exchanges with the present artists.

Confluence’12 is the nucleus of pondering minds where reflective generation, modern, contemporary and classically influenced artist echo through one medium. Galerie Art Eterne is glad to be a part of this confluence and hope to establish it in more structured way in future. I foresee this Confluence as an enormous international platform for all creative minds where they can communicate their ideas and idiosyncrasies without political and social strain. I think globalization creates unexpected relationships and contrasts in contemporary art.

I am very grateful to the key jury members Mr. Niren Sen Gupta (Ex-Principle, College of Art, University of Delhi, India) & Mr. Gaurav Bharadwaj (Renowned Advertising Professional) & Mr. Rajinder Patil (Editor, Indian Contemporary Art Journal) for the valued hours they rendered. Without their recommendation and selection it would be difficult to bring out such amazing works.

Galerie Art Eterne specially thanks the Chief Guest Mr. Sanjay Jain, Art Connoisseur and Guests of Honour Ms. Sheila and Ms. Rami Desai for inaugurating Confluence’12.

I think it is the beginning of Confluence and I convey my wishes to all participating artists to make this show happen. Looking forward to Confluence’13.

Sudhanshu Paliwal
Galerie Art Eterne


List of Participating Artists

Ajay Upasani
Allison Horner
Amarendra Maharana
Amit Kapoor
Ana Zgonjanin
Anagha Pamidi
Andrew Radkowsky
Anil Soni
Anindita Kishore
Antonio Moyano
Aradhna Tandon
Arpita Chandra
Arthur Berini
Ashish Bose
Ashwini Athalye Natekar
Chandan Das
Chandrakanth Ganacharya
Eleena Banik
Geetha Venugopal
H R Kumbhawat
Harish Kumar
Jasna Dragun
Jayshree Ramasamy
Jayshree Savani
Jitendra V Patel
Khushboo Upadhyay Soni
L N Rana
Lalatendu Rath
Mahesh Patidar
Manoj Jain
Margareth Osju
Meenaketan Pattnaik
Mukul Sarma
Neha Talwar
Niku Guleria
P Shivani Bharadwaj
Pandurang N Deoghare
Parwati Jain
Pilar Viviente
Pradip Kumar Sau
Prakash Haribhau Ghadge
Prakshi Sharma
Prittam Priyalochan
Raghu Neware
Sabyasachi Ghosh
Sanghita Roy
Sheetal Gulhati
Shefali Shah
Shiva Aini
Shuchi Khanna
Shuchi Krishan
Shyamal Sikdar
Soumen Basu
Souryeya Chakraborty
Suhail H Naqshbandi
Sukanta Biswas
Surinder Kaur
Swasti Ranjan Ray
Tania Sen
Tarun Sehdev
Umesh Prasad
Vicky Luthra
Vijay Kiyawat
Y C Sharma